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Eddie Sendi trashes Kenzo’s Made in Africa album

Prominent radio presenter and music analyst Eddie Sendi has to thrown Eddy Kenzo’s new album dubbed “Made in Africa” into a trash can. To him,

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Spotify Launched ‘Loud And Clear’ Campaign, Here Is What You Need To Know

In an effort to help artists understand how to handle their streaming royalties on Spotify, the platform recently launched their Loud and Clear campaign.  In the calendar

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Fans bash Feffe Busi’s new song “ekyaana”

Rapper Feffe Busi released his new song dubbed ekyaana with it’s visuals a few days ago. But it seems the song does not live up

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MBS Series ( Part I): To Be Independent, Indie Or A Record Label Artiste? Here Is What You Have To Know.

By Mugibson. One of the exciting ventures to ever happen to every artist’s career, besides the accolades, and having a hit song is signing a

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Song Review: Ykee Benda & Weasel’s ‘Radio Man’ Is Whatever You Need It To Be Right Now

Last night, while online I tried to think of a bad song from these two artists, and I couldn’t come up with one, and no

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EMBRACE THE DIGITAL AGE: Steps On How To Monetize Your Music

We moved! No, I am not referring to a furniture showroom or a home appliances shop moving from one location to another. I am talking

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Naira Ali’s Diction Leaves Fans Talking

Musicians are the kind of people that are rich in diction. You will think he is talking about this yet he is talking about you.

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“Rappers Should Rap To Impress The Fans Not Their Fellow Rappers” – Breezy Beats

Uganda-Astute rap music critic, rapper, producer, director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of STILL BREEZY, Breezy Beats Uganda like how he’s commonly known in the

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“Stop comparing Ugandan artistes to Tanzanians” Swangz Avenue CEO Julius Kyazze Tells Dagy Nyce

Yesterday Saturday, Julius Kyazze held nothing back as he took NTV Uganda presenter Dagy Nyce back to school on the topic of the internet usage

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How Music Royalties Work In The Music Industry

Music royalties are notoriously complicated: if you were hoping for a cut-and-dry “a song got this many plays on Spotify, so the artist gets this