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KeDi Shares His ‘IDENTITY’ On Latest EP, Stream It Here.

After weeks of anticipation and buzzing excitement, Geek State Music signed rapper and Afro Beats sensation, KeDi, celebrated his birthday with the relese his debut EP “Identity” to mark a significant milestone in his musical journey.

The EP which features the collaborations with Zambia’s renowned gospel artist DMSTRY, Uganda’s emerging vocalist and songwriter Degretious, and Uganda’s internationally recognized gospel DJ and Power FM host, SR Victor256, promises a captivating blend of talents and styles.

Officially unveiled on April 24th, was celebrated with a special listening party where KeDi shared insights into the inspiration behind each track. In a candid conversation with attendees, he revealed that “Identity” holds profound personal significance, serving as a portrayal of himself to those who may not fully understand him or hastily judge him based on appearances. The 3rd track off the EP, Identity featuring SR Victor256, particularly resonates with his experience of mistaken identity, stemming from an incident in 2020 when he was wrongfully detained due to his resemblance to a wanted individual.

With its innovative sounds and nods to hip hop’s roots, this body of works reignite the genre’s flame and captivate audiences with its diverse themes and narratives.
Manager to KeDi and featured artist SR Victor256, expressed confidence that the EP would take listeners on a journey through hip hop’s rich tapestry, showcasing KeDi’s mastery of the craft.

From the pulsating beats of “Ride Along” to the introspective lyrics of “What I Love,” each track on “Identity” offers a unique perspective on love, perseverance, and self-discovery. The EP culminates with the groovy vibes of “God Fada,” featuring Degretious, delivering a fitting finale to a musical odyssey.

As Uganda’s rap scene undergoes a dynamic transformation, “Identity” arrives as a testament to the genre’s evolution and the emergence of new influences. With its fusion of 90’s rap elements and contemporary sounds, it promises to leave a lasting impression on listeners worldwide.

Stream “Identity,” EP here:

Here is the EP Listening Party celebration in pictures