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US Singer Charles Moorer Spreads Message Of Hope In a New Song

In the world of gospel music, a genre that embodies rhythm, thankfulness, interactivity, and sheer joy, there exists a quiet, yet profound influence that weaves through the tapestry of musical genres.

Gospel music serves as the cornerstone of inspiration for many artists and holds a special place in the hearts of countless households. One of the luminous figures in this musical landscape is Charles Moorer, an international gospel recording artist based in the US. His transcendent influence has touched lives across nations, churches, and organizations worldwide, as he tirelessly delivers the divine word through his soul-stirring music.

On the heels of his most recent single, “Adonai” – Charles Moorer releases the flavorful “Think of Your Soul” which begins with an exotic twist and African tinged vocals, before powering into a funky, freewheeling dance between Chuck’s hard slapping bass and Grammy winner, sax superstar Najee’s dreamy, sensual soprano.

Anchored by Chuck’s soulfully sweet, yet powerful vocal magic and deeply funky bass jamming, the song can be appreciated for its heartfelt sharing of the Gospel message yet sets itself apart from most offerings in the genre with its extravaganza of urban jazz vibes and explosive performances by an array of contemporary jazz stars – including Nils, Najee, Johnny Britt and renowned vocalist, Clydene Jackson.

His latest album, Keeper of My Soul, is the second for Chuck under the name Charles Moorer & The Faithful Few and offers the listener a dynamic mixture of contemporary gospel styles with a touch of jazz and funk. Their silky smooth and infectious fusion of gospel and urban jazz appeals to a wide audience in a way that very few spiritual artists have ever done before.

The beautiful song with catchy laid back groove meant to relax, challenge, and bring hope to listeners, was released with its eye catching music video as directed by Jake Levin.