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Richie Stephens Marks 40th Anniversary In Music With African Tribute Song

Celebrated singer Richie Stephens is set to embark on a milestone celebration as he enters his 40th year in the music industry. The journey, which began in 1984 after his graduation from Savlamar Secondary School, has been nothing short of remarkable for the award-winning artist.

Richie’s inaugural step into the music scene with ‘Pull Up Selector’ in 1984 set the tone for a successful career. His talent caught the eye of famed producer Jazzy B during a European tour with Shabba Ranks, leading to the creation of the hit single ‘Joy’ on Soul 2 Soul’s ‘Just Right’ album.

To kick off his 40th-anniversary celebration, Richie Stephens pays homage to the Motherland with ‘African People.’ This dancehall track, infused with Afrobeat elements, symbolizes the unity between Jamaican and African cultures. In a statement, Richie expresses his conviction that the success of Afrobeat should be celebrated globally by all black people, emphasizing the shared identity.

‘African People’ holds a deeper significance as it features collaboration with The Wakiso dance kids, a talented group of orphaned Ugandan children. Richie, inspired by their exceptional talent, initiated a philanthropic project that transformed into a musical endeavor. The song and video, set to release in early January, showcase the harmonious collaboration of Jamaican and African talents, emphasizing themes of love and togetherness.

The project reflects Richie’s commitment to social responsibility, as the collaboration aims to support the Wakiso dance kids’ dreams and aspirations. David, also known as Daddy Mazzina, who oversees the orphanage, praises Richie’s involvement as a rewarding and appreciated gesture that goes beyond the realms of music.

‘African People’ also features rising Jamaican reggae songstress Rohanna, adding another layer of depth to the impactful project. Richie Stephens expresses gratitude for the collaboration, anticipating a positive reception globally.

Reflecting on the achievements of 2023, Richie highlights the success of the ‘Street Gospel’ riddim, featuring renowned voices like Buju Banton, Bounty Killer, and others. The project resonated deeply with listeners, garnering appreciation for its powerful messages. Richie acknowledges the connection formed with audiences through projects like the ‘Street Gospel’ riddim and the ongoing Soul Food riddim.

As part of his anniversary celebration, Richie Stephens is scheduled to perform on Singer’s Night at the 30th anniversary of Rebel Salute on January 19. Following this, a massive world tour awaits, starting on May 15 & 16 in Toronto and Montreal, Canada. The tour will span North & South America, Europe, and Africa, showcasing Richie’s enduring influence and continued dedication to his craft.

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