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Zulitums Drops Much Anticipated New Hit, ‘Personal’

Loved by many for his hypnotic voice, singer and songwriter turned singer Samuel Ssemwogerere a.k.a Zulitums outed his first single this year.

It’s a love ballad dubbed “personal” that could be a copying pad for campusers and lovers out there. In the song, Zuli showcases yet another sense of mature lyrics, to keep up with his standard.

Releasing the song, Zuli explained to the media why he had decided to release his first song of the year in late April while others had released theirs at the very start(January).

“I love my craft so much. I take my time while making it because my consumers only expect the best from me and nothing less. On the other hand, I have too much music in stock so sometimes decision making on which songs fit which season, which takes time, but as soon as I and the team were ready, Personal was released…,” he explained.

The video was shot by Sasha Vybz. Sasha used two characters, the artist and a vixen, to pull off a stunning romantic display.

The artist who is signed under Blacq Avay came onto the scene as a producer but later turned into a singer. He became popular with Tabbu, Easy, Oluvanyuma, and many more songs

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