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Naira Ali’s Diction Leaves Fans Talking

Musicians are the kind of people that are rich in diction. You will think he is talking about this yet he is talking about you.


GOOD MOVE! Sama Sojah Unveiled As Brand Ambassador For ‘Pads For All’

As the lockdown continues to get eased, many artist anticipate that shows, concerts and bars will also soon get opened up. Many have been seen

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Shena Skies copies Winnie Nwagi’s fashion strategy

Singer and song writer, Namagembe Shena allias Shena Skies has adopted Winnie Nwagi’s stylish manners of posing naked on public social media handles which many

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As Uganda mark 58 years of independence, Martha Kay celebrates her beautiful dark skin.

Professional photographer, actress and comic star Kemigisha Kayimbwa alllias Martha Kay has praised her skin and reminded fellow dark skinned girls of the beauty they


Public roasts Buchaman over mercilessly beating Rocky Giant

If the word presidential adviser meant disciplining fellow Ugandans like Buchaman did in the video that is trending, such a post would not be accept


Tha icon explains on video strategy

A few days ago, Ugandan singer, tha icon outed his new video “omwoyo” which has been making rounds on social media. The video has attracted

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Events promoters protest, leave city mesmerized

The event promoters expressed their hard feelings to the government for not releasing them to resume with their work since March this year. The entertainment