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King Micheal Slums Band Musicians For Undermining New Artists

King Micheal, the popular dancehall artist (real name Micheal Mugwanya), has expressed his disappointment with veteran band musicians like David Lutalo for discrediting and belittling emerging artists. In a recent interview, he stressed the importance of according equal respect to every artist, regardless of their tenure and age in the industry.

According to him, musicians from the older generation, including those from bands, are still stuck in the mindset of creating unnecessary conflicts, commonly known as “beef.” He criticized their desire to create beef between themselves and the new generation, stating that they think they are so big in the industry.

He called for mutual respect on all sides, adding that this year there has been too much undermining of new artists by the old ones. He believes that each artist needs to respect one another, and such tactics were outdated and had no place in the current music industry.

King Micheal’s comments come in the wake of the ongoing feud between David Lutalo and Pallaso. Lutalo claimed that Pallaso was no match for King Saha, despite entering the industry at the same time. King Micheal called for a cessation of the undervaluing of new artists by their more experienced peers and for mutual respect to prevail.