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From Business Tutoring To Music! Meet Lotfil Bringing Business Ideas To Music Industry

The music business is growing to be a more lucrative venture that has continued to attract  people of different professions and education levels.

While different artistes such as; Allan Toniks, Dr. Hilderman, Ykee Benda, Navio, and many more hold Bachelor’s Degrees, several more are joining the queue to make the industry rich in books. Another intellect to join the league is Frank Mayega who’s stage name is “LOTFIL” – a business tutor at Oracle Business  Institute in Wandegeya and now playing his cards on music.

Lotfil holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance and holds a Certified Public Accounting (CPA). While sharing with, He stated that his childhood dream was to become a musician, and with inspiration from the late Moses Radio, he is working hard to shoot at it.

“I wrote my first song in my primary four and I have always harboured dreams of making it big in the music industry. Music from Moses Radio touched the deepest parts of my heart and awakened the dreams I had kept for a long time,” he added.

To him, music is therapy, for, it lifts him back to vibe when he is feeling low. He is signed to the C&A Music label and is counting on his first project “Tuvuga Kampala” with which he hopes to capture the world with.

On whether he thinks music will bring the same food as his current job brings to the table, he revealed that as a business expert, he will ensure that he pours the business mind into it to have enough returns.

“I have not yet started earning because I have just recorded my first audio. I want to do music as both a business and a career,” He further added.

He is hopeful that if he takes music seriously, he will help Uganda bring her first Grammy award home.

Follow him on all social platforms : @FrankLotfil