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Kapa Cat Holds Scientific Concert

During the COVID-19 lockdown, public activity as we probably am aware was suspended.Concerts, chapel gatherings and bars were inconclusively shut. As the nation keeps opening up, the diversion area is still on a lockdown. Various artistes, for example, Bebe Cool have kept on speaking to the president to let them re-open, another gathering of artistes with the gift of the Uganda Musicians Association have even recorded a tune with that impact.

Last Saturday in any case, blossoming artiste Kapa Cat genuine names Catherine Tumusiime began another section when she set up a logical concert. The concert named Dine With Kapa Cat, has intensely advanced via online media as a day time function. It was set to begin at 2pm and end at 8pm.That was not the situation however, the vast majority didn’t keep time, they just fired appearing past 6pm that the show rather began at 8pm through 10pm.But Kapa Cat made that big appearance at 9pm to perform melodies that acquainted her with the market, for example, Sikyo, Kapa Ojimanyi and Sifayo among others

Most striking was a reality that, in any event, when she had a set up stage, she scarcely utilized it. She spent a lot of her exhibition strolling through tables, uncovered feet.”You should hold on for me yet I’m not used to high impact points,” she said.
Kapa Cat was joined by artistes, for example, Geosteady and Jera who kept the crowd engaged during her presentation breaks.

In spite of not getting the group she may have expected, most likely as a result of the section charges of Shs30,000 customary, Shs80,000 VIP and Shs200,000 VVIP, Kapa Cat actually put on a fiery live showcase.The hardly any individuals who came through had an exciting show. They were seen moving and chiming in to her jams while others chose to tip her with any measure of cash they got.