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WE LEADING! How Ugandan Fashion Designer Is Taking Over Africa

As the Ugandan Fashion Industry continues to stretch its roots into different entertainment denominations, strong and charismatic fashion designers are emerging into bigger brands that could put the continent at a standstill.

Well, Ugandan fashion designer Abbas Kaijuka is breathing life into the industry with his artistic fashion designs and styles that portray Ugandan culture and stories.

With his fashion house, Kai’s Divo Collections, he has written his name on the African Fashion radar, wowing fashion gurus at most of the runways and fashion shows.

His latest hook was in West Africa at the Nook International Fashion Weekend in Port Harcourt, Nigeria in February 2023, where he showcased unique feminine and masculine designs that almost won him a standing ovation.

Talking to, Kaijuka said his collections were meant to mirror the power of the fashion industry at home.

“I wanted the world to see what the Ugandan fashion industry is made of. We are creative, bold, and daring, and I believe we made a mark with our collection. I am proud of the team I have and so excited to see that Kai’s Divo Collection as a brand has gone this far,” he said.

Like it is said that ‘fashion is like eating, one shouldn’t stick to the same menu’, the designer fed the audience with all-female costumes and collections carrying different glaring colours and artistic designs on the first day, and on the second, he came through with another set of designs celebrating masculinity.

Kaijuka’s fashion hub has been making marks in the global space showcasing at the Runway Tribe Virtual Show, Designer’s Awards Africa, Port Harcourt Fashion Week, Private Showcase for Men’s Fashion Week, and Men’s Fashion Week all in Nigeria, Zikomo Awards Show(Zambia), Men’s Fashion Week(Ghana), Ordartey Style and Fashion Awards(Ghana), Miss Uganda(UAE), Swhili Fashion Week in Kenya, and several more.

Back home, Kaijuka has become a darling in the music industry, making costumes for notable musicians such as; Winnie Nwagi(at her maiden concert), Sheebah Kalungi, Chameleone, Bebe Cool, Rema Namakula, Eddy Kenzo, and several more.