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A DECADE IN FASHION! Alyn Rosy To Celebrate 10 Years In Fashion Biz This Month.

We have seen musicians holding concerts after ten years in the industry not just because they are artistes but because ten years is worth celebrating. This is why Allen Asiimwe of Alyn Rose Couture is marking this milestone with a fashion showcase that will be happening on the 20th of this month at Charm towers.

Alyn Rosy of Alyn Rosy Couture fashion Stores located at Cham Towers

Touted by other fashion experts as Emerging fashion Brand in uganda next to blow because of her fusion of African or even cultural style with contemporary elements of fashion in the simplest, yet self-expressive way, Alyn said that the ten years are far beyond selling clothes to her clients but the relationship she has gotten with them.

I’m doing this fashion showcase to show what I have in store but most importantly, I’m doing it to give back to the people who have supported me in the last ten years. 10 years is a long enough period to establish my fan base, my traction, and a recall value with my customers“,she added.

Having lost two years due to the lockdown, Alyn feels that this is only the beginning as she has witnessed people come into the fashion industry and then go out but she has pushed herself for bigger challenges. “While it might be a moment to celebrate, the decade anniversary is just one marker of my success and a guarantee that my business will last another 10 years despite the challenges.”

The 10-year celebration of Alyn Rosy who is appreciated for making statements by introducing a simple but trendy afro-fused outfits fit for all events and that depict various African cultures and values, is about defining her voice and getting established which might perhaps help her expand and even explore more other categories like building sales momentum just to mention a few.

With fashion unlike any other job being one of the most grueling, aggressive, and fickle industries, there are far too many brands born daily, and the market is highly saturated but that won’t stop her from looking ahead at new opportunities she can explore.

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