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READY! Nince Henry Releases Debut Single Under New Management

Celebrated Ugandan Singer and Songwriter Nince Henry, under his new management, Karma Ivien Management, drops first single dubbed Ready and produced by Bass Boi.

This song was released a few days after the singer confirmed how he’s signed to the new management. Both Nince Henry and now his manager Karma Ivien, revealed that this project is to be fan’s favorite and it will definitely be where its supposed to be, that’s on official music charts.

Stream The song Here:

In his words, Nince Henry is very confident that this new partner will push him to the next level.  He added that people were yet to see the real him singing but henceforth, they will.

According to the multi-talented artiste, he has been juggling writing and singing. And the same people he’s been giving songs are the same people he had to compete with which waste fair for him. Furthermore, the singer said that Karma Ivien will manage everything related to his music.

“I met Karma Ivan and I think our selves just clicked instantly. He has all I believe in and I think he’s the right man to push my career to the next level. I’m now going to concentrate on releasing good music and people should be excited to see the real me. I hadn’t yet done anything in the industry because I couldn’t concentrate. I had to write and as well as singing with the same people I give songs. Karma Ivan is surely going to push my career to the next step as I’m sure that he’s the man to do that,’ said Nince Henry.

Karma Ivien has meanwhile managed the likes of Fik Fameica and Pallaso.  However things for Pallaso ended badly and the two are currently embroiled in a legal battle. Nince Henry nonetheless has no fears about his new management and knows that he will go ahead and succeed.

We should expect the best from these two.