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GUCCI! Nigerian Star Slim Prince Releases A New Banger

Renowned for his smooth and captivating vocals, Nigeria’s Afro-pop and Afro-dancehall luminary, Slim Prince, has unveiled his latest enchanting hit titled ‘Gucci.’

In this Caribbean-influenced track, expertly produced by Okichi, Slim Prince, with his catchy melodies and relatable lyrics, vividly describes a stunning woman with a sleek body, likening her to a Benz on the dance floor. He invites her to showcase her dance skills, specifically asking for a “dirty wine.”

Throughout the years, Slim Prince has garnered acclaim for his versatile style and noteworthy collaborations with prominent artists like Ugandan female star Winnie Nwagi and John Blaq, among others. These collaborations have played a pivotal role in establishing his presence across the African music landscape.

The lyrical tenderness of ‘Gucci’ carries a message of longing and desire, directed towards African beauties with admirable bodies. This track not only provides a feel-good vibe but also uplifts the spirits, making it an ideal dancehall anthem for sultry nights on the dance floor.

Poised to showcase the immersive talent that resides within him, Slim Prince is set to captivate your auditory senses with this masterpiece like never before.

Stream the song here: