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Azawi Is “Ten Over Ten” On A New Afro Beat Inspired Single

Ugandan songstress Azawi has released an energetic and uplifting love song titled “Ten Over Ten.”

The track showcases Azawi’s distinct and passionate vocal delivery, accompanied by Banga Boi’s production that incorporates elements of Afrobeats, dancehall, and pop to create a catchy and infectious rhythm.

Azawi’s songwriting prowess is evident in the song’s poetic and relatable lyrics. She sings about the love of her life, whom she considers to be flawless in every way, and gives him a perfect score of “ten over ten.” Many listeners will find the song’s message sincere and authentic.

Although the release of the song’s video is still pending, Azawi’s fans are eagerly anticipating it. However, it is possible that Azawi is waiting for the right moment to unveil the video or to build buzz and excitement for her upcoming album.

The announcement that Azawi is working on a follow-up album has generated excitement among her fans. “Ten Over Ten” could potentially serve as the album’s lead single, as the playful, bouncy, and sappy tune has been well received by both new and old fans alike.

Fans of Azawi and Afrobeat enthusiasts can now enjoy this new tune and wait in anticipation for what’s to come from the Queen of Vibes.

Stream it here