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Rapper Feffe Bussi Bounces Back With Stunning Visual His New Single ‘Massape”

The smallest rapper, Feffe Bussi,who is better appreciated for his distinct rap style in the arena of Luga flow genre, is here again with rap single “Massape”.

This new single which serves up as his 4th song this year, massape, is a musical blend of Afro-pop and alternative rap elements where Feffe asks his lover to go with him so that they can swagg around as he manifests his lyrical maturity.

On the song, he continue to brags about how much love he has for the lover. Feffe brought Producer Kaysam Kumapesa on board to create this banger as assisted by Ian Prod who has in the past produced most of his songs and we know the duo doesn’t miss a step when it comes to feel-good music.

The official music video has beautiful scenes that would keep your eyes entertained for 3 minutes and 26 seconds and was directed by Zyga Phix.

Watch it here

Listen to it here