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Roast & Rhyme Returns In New Style

Swangz Avenue’s popular picnic, Roast and Rhyme has made a new edition and this will probably be held in February.

Roast and Rhyme is which used to be a quarterly event on the Ugandan social scene and its organizers Swangz Avenue have committed to providing the best Ugandan talent at this year’s edition.

In the past year’s, celebrating roasting meat as music plays around Roast and Rhyme held at the Jahazi Pier in Munyonyo, made a mark on Kampala’s social events and with no doubt, this year’s event will surely attract more party goers as they will want to compensate for the years they have not partying due to Covid-19 limitations.

It’s announcement came in shortly after president Museveni announced that concerts and events would be open two weeks after the 10th January, which is the reopening date for schools.

“Your favorite 🤩 family Day out event by the lakeside returns this February 2022 💃🕺 #RoastAndRhyme,” Swangz Avenue posted on its social media accounts.