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“Luganda Is The Reason We Don’t Rock The International Market, “Netizens claim

Revellers on social media claim that Ugandan music has not managed to capture the African market because they sing only in Luganda unlike Nigerians and Ghanaians who sing in English.

Posting in Facebook, one concerned citizen called Eyotre Habert expressed his worry about the excessive useof Luganda in Ugandan songs.

“Ugandan Musicians sing for Baganda people!! Nigerians sing for people, that’s the difference. In Uganda, for you to be recognized as a Ugandan Musician, you MUST sing in Luganda…” He wrote.

He later continued in another writing,”Even the TV personalities prefer communicating to the BAGANDA than the majority of Uganda even if they mean to do it in English, they will insist.”

This once became a debate on where Luganda is the official musical language in Uganda or not. However, some analysts say it is the one that is most recognized, though it not the official.

They point out a case in point of Big Trill’s “Parte After Parte” whixh broke through the chains even if it was in English. They also hint that Luganda can not limit Ugandans from hitting abroad because music is a universal language. They point at Eddy Kenzo’s “sitya loss” which won him a BET.