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Fans bash Feffe Busi’s new song “ekyaana”

Rapper Feffe Busi released his new song dubbed ekyaana with it’s visuals a few days ago. But it seems the song does not live up to his fans expectations. As soon as they heard it, they ran to his social media handles to remind him of the rap Dada he is, not this kind of fake something. The song was by Wani and directed by Jahlive.

The fans claim that the song lacked creativity, gear and maturity in lyrics. They say he sang the same verses and lyrics he had released in some of his earlier songs. Below are some of the comments on his song from some of his fans.

“Weak bro, this time kibulamu blood. Though nice craft,”Brandons Kato commented.

“I like being honest…Feffe Busi music is a good lyricist but ekyaana is an average song…NYC chorus, weak chorus, same lyrics, no room for thinking of new ideas. It’s not a good one. Kanyama still better Dan dis one,” Zwider Newboy.

“Not good as such buh me as a fefe Diehard I will keep enjoying,” Basha Mo wrote.

“Same verse in two songs, this is my the rap Dada I know,” Rus’ okay Araali replied to the post.

“Simanyi to kyalina lyrics. Sagala ontame,” Yaya Andy wrote.

“Bro ate same lyrics…as if I hear lyrics of amaaso brought hea…mwana ffe ompa katono enaku zino,” Nze Morgan Dt gave in his submission.

“Ate obizemu blood. Ekyakuletera okugejjaatekyatwala lyrics,” King Eddy De Rapper replied.

The rapper was brought onto the scene by a number of fantastic work like who is who, yes no, love yo, kanyama, Amin Dada and many others. We hope he listens to his fans and improves.