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Kracbone Hosts Kemishan, Kulcha and Vibeslipa On New Dancehall Single “Promise”

Kemishan, Uganda’s renowned reggae and dancehall artist, continues to excel in the industry with his exceptional talent in creating dancehall music.

Known as the Dance hall Connect boss, Kemishan has been consistent in releasing top-quality singles since the beginning of his career, including his most popular tracks “My Thing” and “Big Bumper,” which earned him recognition from top dancehall players. Now, he has collaborated with Ace Plug Entertainment’s rapper and producer Kracbone, Kulcha, and Vibeslipa on a new tropical dancehall tune called “Promise.”

Produced by the talented dancehall producer Hanniz Tactiq and mixed and mastered by Nase Avatar, “Promise” features Kemishan’s signature urban sound and a catchy beat that will make you want to dance. The song’s lyrics revolve around Kemishan’s plea to his lover, asking her to promise never to leave him lonely. While the dancehall vibe of the track is powerful, Kulcha’s and Vibeslipa’s unique styles add life to the song.

Accompanying the release of the song is an official music video directed and shot by Grate Make Films. Overall, Kemishan’s “Promise” featuring Kracbone, Kulcha, and Vibeslipa is a must-listen for dancehall music enthusiasts who appreciate great sound and lyrics.

Enjoy this video.