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US Embassy Partners With Kampala Film Development Foundation On “Film And Cultural Week” Virtual Event.

Kampala Film development Foundation – (KFDF) is an initiative that aims at supporting Writers, Directors and Production companies by providing investment grants for the development, Production and Distribution of Film, television and Animation projects and also fund a range of short film schemes to develop talent brings you a 3 days virtual ‘Film and Culture week’ Event thats aimed at giving platform to our local content creators.

A 3 days virtual event, will feature workshops, exhibitions, movie screening, music, dance, fashion and design and among others. This years theme is ” Film as a tool for cultural expression and economic development” and its aim is to empower film makers in uganda by helping them boost their creativity and enlarge the audience through collaborations with the US film makers and stakeholders.

The event is scheduled to take place on Fri, 28 May – 30 May at Kampala National Theatre Kampala-Uganda. And all cultural enthusiasts can be part of this event by registering via this website or [email protected]