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Liam Voice fumes at being called upcoming

When artistes in Uganda make hits, it is very certain that they will count it a pass. They will nolonger expect the public or media to call them upcomings.

Well, young vocalist Liam Voice is not far from them. A few hours ago the “mwoyo” crooner fumed at a journalist who called him upcoming.

Talking about it, he told the journalist that he hates being called upcoming because he is fade up of it and is starting to doubt it’s meaning.

“I am not upcoming. It baffles me when someone calls me upcoming because it limits us from many things. Recently, I asked someone big in the industry to listen to my music and guide me on what to do. He told me I am upcoming so I should not disturb him. This hurt me alot. That’s why I nolonger welcome that word in my life…,” He said.

Having felt the heat, the journalist rushed to change the word to a better one. He ended up using fresh talent to honour the young singer.

Of recent, Liam Voice is on fire like the words,”process by process and naive”. With his songs, omwoyo and bus,he has won the hearts of many females.

He also recorded a number of songs like data cable, omutima and others. Recently, he got signed under Cloud Music after a good number of years with Chagga as his manager.