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B Kiganda Hussein

Take me off the hook,
For, I yearn for a fly,
A fly, high into the sky,
If you can’t, atleast try,
Try before I die.

I wanna see the clouds, that’s my cry,
Feel the mist in the air, not this land that is dry,
And if you dont, why dear? Why?
Your silence seems to tell me bye,
But with all I have, your heart I will buy.

Perhaps you wonder, what the hell is wrong with this guy?!
It takes clouds and mist, to fly to that side and say hi,
But still on you, I will myself tie,
Till we hear our wedding bells ring from the sky,
And the sign of my relief will be a deep sigh.

Come love, come,
See how the cumulus clouds dance to our love,
Let this white mist make way for our hearts,
And this nimbus, let it postpone it’s delivery to another Museveni swearing-in,
And that hot sun hold it’s anger at par.

Come love, come,
Command those Altostratus clouds to vanish,
I need to see God’s YES for our love, written by the Cirrus
And summon those Cumulonimbus and the Precipitation Fog,
To distract whoever has grudges on our bond.

Now call the metalic birds from the West,
And those reciting angels from the East,
Let the oceans and seas hide their shaky waves,
The mountains zero down to the ground,
And the rivers stand still,
They all need to acclaim this love for it’s purity from the most High.