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By Hillary Asasiira

Arua based upcoming Afro-fused singer, The Last Born has come up with an extended project named African DJ featuring Five Deejays.
The idea behind the EP is that the talented lyrical composer stands in solidarity with the deejays who are no longer working due to the lockdown that came up with the closure of bars and concernts.

“I believe the deejays also deserve better, most times they are not recognized especially when money from the government comes, it’s only the bigger names that benefit,” The Last Born explained.

His project includes songs like “Perfect” ft Dj Black and Thia, “I don’t know” ft Dj Wayz and Da’Lyricist, “Tight condition” ft Dj Poppa, “Azi ala” ft DVJ Alli Zao and “Kesho” ft Dj Mandezo. The EP is expected to be released on 26 November.
” I’m targeting the festival season because that’s when I expect them to be giving more time to music but however, expect ” Perfect” to be released on Friday 5th November,” he revealed.

Being his first professional project, the singer revealed that he doesn’t expect much financial benefits from the project but more of exposure and connections.
The Last Born is in his final year at Islamic University In Uganda persuing a bachelors degree in Mass communication and he expects his schoolmates to be the first to welcome him into the industry.

” I call upon all friends, students to support me, share my music, encourage me and keep pushing my music,” Last Born lamented.

In our interview with him, the singer promised to keep doing more music and expects very many more projects and albums.