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BACK IN THE GAME: Diamond Oscar Returns With ‘Gloriah’ Featuring Jose Chameleon

The uganda’s self styled bling bling master Diamond Oscar who is remembered for his monster hits like ‘Awawa‘, ‘Kyali bubi featuring Gnl zamba” among others, is back on the arena with a bang as a way to reclaim his spot in the game! The new piece of piece titled ‘Gloriah‘, features Uganda’s music doctor, Jose Chameleon.

Having taken sometime off the music scene to plan for his next move, Diamond is now determined to chart a new course in the music industry.

In this new project produced by Ian Pro, Diamond Oscar perfectly blend with Jose Chameleone’s husky voice to give us a glorious melody. Both Chameleone and Diamond Oscar exhibited their God-given talent as they sing about their desire with this beautiful woman, whom they say they love so much but she’s trying to shy away from accepting their advances.

Listen to it