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Big Talent Boss - Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo Inks An Ambassadorial Deal With Uganda Tourism Board

Big Talent Boss – Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo has officially taken on the role of Uganda’s Tourism Ambassador. The task requires him to blend his music appeal to the beauty of Uganda and encourage both local and international tourists to explore Uganda.

Initially, Kenzo had been named Kenya’s tourism ambassador in a contract that obliged him to promote the homage, culture, beauty, natural resource, infrastructure and tourism of the neighbouring country.

Eddy Kenzo

Although Uganda Tourism Board had engaged the same musician to join the Tulambule campaign two years ago, he was unable to perform the duties because of his running contract with Kenya. Today, State Minister for Tourism Godfrey Kiwanda said that Kenzo was now ready to use his global profile to promote Uganda as a preferred tourism destination through his music.

Kiwanda says that Kenzo’s music has been instrumental in restoring hope, building confidence and showcasing Uganda’s strength. He adds that at this time when the nation and the rest of the world is struggling to contain COVID-19, Uganda needs a person like Kenzo to restore happiness and hope among them.

According to the Kiwanda, the task will be to market the tourism sector from four fronts which he identified as Tulambule the campaign that creates local awareness of Uganda’s tourism potential and the Twende Uganda campaign which increases Uganda’s visibility in the East African region.

The other fronts are the Destination Uganda campaign that seeks to attract tourists from the rest of Africa and the global pearl of Africa campaign.

Kenzo told the audience that he had marketed Kenya’s tourism sector during which time he traversed nearly every corner of Kenya. He however says he was challenged by one of his fans who questioned his loyalty to his homeland and as soon as his contract with Kenya ended, he embraced the opportunity to serve Uganda.

He said he got the resolve to perform the role while he was trapped in the Ivory Coast during the COVID-19 lockdown where he was faced with the possibility of dying in a foreign country.

Kenzo pledged to employ his vast network of friends and professionals across the globe to unlock Uganda’s tourism potential and encourage the youth here to embrace their country’s tourism industry.