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Angella Katatumba

Music Is My Passion, I Will Do It Until Am 80 Years – Angella Katatumba

Controversial Grade A vocal singer, philanthropist, diplomat, and businesswoman Angella Katatumba who is always in the news for wrong reasons related to bad romance, surprised many in her recent interview when she said that she will retire from music at the age of 80.

Angella Katatumba

In her recent interview, the singer disclosed that she hopes to retire from music in her 80, ‘My love for music is unmatched’ Angella said. She continued that music is her passion and nothing will ever change that as she’s determined and motivated to do music.

I want to go at it like the Tina Turners and Jenipher Lopez’s of this world want to go at it like the Tina Turners and Jenipher Lopez’s of this industry‘ she concluded.

Unlike male counterparts, female celebrities rarely get very far with their careers as to them it’s rarely hard to combine family ( Marriage ) and their careers, and according to Angella, not even this factor would slow her music journey down.

Well, her statement may ring true because ever since the rich songstress dropped a hit collaborative song, ‘Tonelabira’ with Daddy Andre which even up today is still topping official musical charts, she has been taking her music career serious than ever before.

Her latest song is a love story banger tagged ‘Love Me’ that features the best music duo of Kent and Flosso ( Voltage Music ). It being a sweet melody, Angella filled with a host of graceful vocals that warm the heart as she asks the boy she’s in love with to feel her. As usual, the voltage boys did justice on the song with their catchy content, Check it out here: