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Ycee Warns Ugandan Singer, Bebe Cool Not To Step Foot In West Africa

Following the revelation made by Tems on Twitter where she called out Bebe Cool for orchestrating her arrest in Uganda, Nigerians have taken to the social media platform to drag the singer. Ycee who happens to be livid warned Bebe not to step foot in West Africa. He wrote: “Bebeku we no wan see you for west side Africa. Let love lead” na him Dey keep people inside abusive relationship.”

The Artist posted the update on his Twitter sending a direct message to Bebe Cool that he is wanted no where close to West Africa.

This comes after a set of events that followed after the artists performed in the country, and were arrested by the Ugandan officials for breaking the Covid-19 SOPs. This has caused a lot of tension between Ugandan and Nigerians who are at a cold war on all or most social media platforms with threats and insults at each other.

Bebe Cool is acused by the artists and Nigerians for procrastinating the arrest of the 2 Nigerian artists.