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WE CAN! Dj Shiru Releases A New Video Featuring Feffe Bussi

Uganda’s award winning and Veteran deejay, Deejay Shiru, who over the recent years has evolved in the music industry – from doing those unique mixes to enlisting artistes and releasing effort pieces, outs new music video tagged ‘We can’ off his third 17-tracks studio album with the same title.

Produced by Ian Pro, ‘We Can’ which is track 4 off the album, has Feffe Bussi doing his raps as he encourages youths to never give up on their dreams. The song is a message of hope to laborers promising them to reap from their sweat one day. If you stick to the hustle, you can be whatever you want to be.

It is the kind of song you need at the end of a long day when you feel like things are not working out. The video shot and directed by Nako Mowzey.

The shot downtown in the streets of Kampala, exhibit how a normal day of a Ugandan trying to make a living is. The music video shows Dj Shiru and Feffe Bussi visiting number of shops as they spread positive vibes to the owners.

It interprets the message as it portrays a ugandans with their daily hustle, something which the two artists played out right to bring out the message in the song.

Watch it here