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WATCH: Luckxx Promoter Recruit Latinum And Inno K On ‘Ganster’

One of the best promoter in the region Luckxx, host the fastest riding vocalist under big talent entertainement Inno K and afropop and dancehall act ‘Amanya gange’ Latinum on a beautiful piece of collaboration tagged ‘Gangstar’.

Gangsta is an effort with dance hall kicks with hints of afro Pop vibes produced by Xpan Producer who gave it sounds with influences from East african Dancehall vibes that will Move everybody on feet and bop every head. Latinum opened the gangster banger with interplay of Patwa and Luganda that made it sound more of a banger .

For a guy with tonnes of talents accompanied by the the the sweetest voice like Inno K, I strongly suspected those infectious love storylines that would really touch every girls’ heart, and yes he mesmerized the piece with his usual gentle on the approach as he croons to his gangster lover – he’s a solid talent. On this piece, both artists were professing their love for a gangster female character .

The colorful music video, adorned with beautiful models, was directed and shot by Jaja Musa ( Edge Music ). Kindly watch it