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WATCH: Kofi Jamar – Mi Dey Up Remix Featuring Stonebwoy

The blooming GADONE records signee, Kofi Jamar, has just put the cherry on his incredible year with a new feature with Stonebwoy.

After the astounding success of his truth EP, Kofi Jamar is about to serve his ever-thirsty fans with a new twist to the EP.

The new song with Stonebwoy, ‘Mi Dey Up remix’, is made off the original Mi Dey Up masterpieces on the Truth EP.

Kofi Jamar commented: “The upcoming Afroreggae tune is a motivation for the youth to stay up no matter what they going through in life. Also talks about life and the need to stay up in the midst of the struggle and hustle they face.”

Kofi Jamar

Expressing his admiration for Stonebwoy he said, “Working with Stonebwoy is everything. It’s about himself; it’s the vibe, just being around a legend and how down to earth he is. It was an amazing experience.”

Adding that it was also imperative to feature Stonebwoy in particular because “as I looked around, looking at the previous songs I love from stone, he talks most about hustle and his subject are much in line with what I’m talking about in the song and he is like an inspiration for the ghetto youth out there. So I wanted him to be the perfect prophet on the song to prophesy to the youth out there.”


The song, ‘Mi Dey Up remix’ which is out, is on all digital music platforms from iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, accompanied by a stunning video on Youtube.

Comment from GADONE records, “We are thrilled about this project and intend pushing it to reach its maximum. We also want to assure lovers of the truth EP that ‘Mi Dey Up remix’ is not going to come in the way, reduce or counter the growth and promotion of his truth EP, It would rather link up to pull up old songs for people to pay attention to them. Mi Dey Up Remix would also feed new audiences as well.”

Source : Ghanaweb