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UMA And UMF Meet To Discuss Differences

Money to musicians has continuous divided musicians in Uganda. Each of them wants to have a share on the money from the government. Today you will hear that so and so got someone and tomorrow another got some. Then the next days will be a verbal clash.

In order to have a share on the money, musicians in Uganda made an association called Uganda Musicians Association(UMA) which was chaired by Sofia Gomba who was later excited by a political role and she resigned. Ykee Benda swang in like a blind man to pick from where he never knew and after a number of months, he threw the towel. The King Herself, Cindy, is now the president of UMA and she seems to be going through a lot.

Most of the big artists have refused to subscribe to UMA but rather opted to making a bigger body that will even mother UMA. The most that was made was The Uganda Musicians Federation chaired by Chameleon.

Well, yesterday, the two, UMA and UMF met to discuss their differences and their limitations. Pius Mayanja, also known as Pallaso, who represented the UMF told the press that the meeting was meant to unite all artistes against those that were aimed at dividing them.

“Today we had to meet to see that we come together to see that we are one and do away with our differences…,”

Cindy, on the side of UMA also confirmed that the two sides had a meeting and was aimed at seeing and analysing the goals of both of the sides.

“Yes, today we met and our meeting was successful. It was aimed at seeing and knowing the goals of each of us. At UMA, we welcome all artistes and is an association of all ages. I do not certainly know why they came up with their idea but as for us, we are still operating and doing our work…,” She said.

However, another section of big artists are reported to have formed a breakaway association from UMA, calling it The Uganda Superstar Association where only Superstars are supposed to be. Talking in an interview, dancehall sensation Lil Pazzo Lunabe clarified that the entry fee to this association is a million shillings.

“This is an association for only the Superstars. We can not have the same problems as upcomings. That’s why we had to made our own association. To show that we are serious, to be part of us, it takes one million Ugandan shillings. This is where all Superstars belong and those that are not there are degrading themselves…,”Lil Pazzo Lunabe said.