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Spice Diana And Dre Cali To Thrill Fans At Third Episode Of Club Beatz At Home Concert.

Club Beats At Home

Spice Diana and Dre Cali are lined up for the third episode of the Club Pilsener sponsored Club Beatz At Home concert.

Spice Diana is a proven talent who has immersed her brand in success with several hit songs to her name, a big fanbase, several endorsement deals and a multi-million mansion. She is one of the biggest brands in the region.

Mpaka Records signed star Dre Cali

Her performances have been characterized with energy and so much entertainment. She is also the “queen of stunts” and we can anticipate so much this time following the exciting and comic performance that A Pass put up in the last show.

As Club Pilsener’s norm to always support and develop rising talent, Spice will be joined by Mpaka Records’ Dre Cali whose name has been a constant on most music charts and countdowns through the lockdown.

The online show thats happening tomorrow Saturday 26th September 2020, will start at 9PM and you wouldn’t want to miss a minute especially because the super talented emcee and media personality Douglas Lwanga will be hosting.

( Source : Stuart G Khast / )