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SIRI REGULAR! Spice Diana Premieres New Music Video Off Her ‘Star Girl EP’

Source Management signed artist Spice Diana has released the official video for her latest song dubbed ‘Siri Regular’.

Shot from Innovation Village, Spice Diana who in this case a cleaner in an office setting is cleaning when her boss passes her by.

She follows him and starts to clean the outside window of his office before going to clean his office. She sings provocatively while cleaning but after a while enters the boss’s office where she spills her feelings to her boss.

In the song, Spice acknowledges that the man may have women that are after him and may that have hurt him but says she is no regular woman.

In the video fellow employees help her convince the boss of her feelings and it’s a whole vibe in the office before she is woken up by the boss from her daydream.

Written in Luganda by Nince Henry and shot by Swangz Avenue, the video was released about a day now has already has over 6K views on her official YouTube channel.

The Spice Diana fans, otherwise, called the Spice Gadgets are loving this one and are already pilling praise on the video with almost 200 comments.

Watch it here: