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Sama Sojah Is Looking For “Stellah” In A New Rumbah Single

Known for his presentation of urban African flavor in most of his songs as he croons over warm grooves and infectious melodies, Sama Sojah readies August with a new love piece, “Stellah”.

The Rumbah-infused piece punctuated with Sama’s soulful vocals, tells a tale of a girl who left her long-time lover and fled to an unidentified. In this song produced by Zion K and Chemical beats, Sama cries out for his beautiful Stellah to return home as he explains how it is hard to exist without her.

Mixed and mastered by Herbert Skillz, this song will whisper directly to the souls and hearts of enthusiasts of good music.

Its accompanying cinematic music video is eye-catching as directed by Darlington of Zero One Media. It casts Sama Soja in his ’90s costumes holding a snapshot of Stellah on the streets at night while asking random people if they have recognized her anywhere – It clearly interprets the lyrical content.

Watch the video here: