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ITS SECOND EDITION! Duhuze Fest Returns On 3rd September.

The second edition of the Duhuze fest expected to be much bigger and better. Duhuze Fest is a gathering organized and hosted by a vibrant team of bafumbira youth but seeks to bring youth together to celebrate the African culture as a whole.

For all that attended Duhuze Fest, bafumbira meet and greet on the 16th day of April 2022 at Central Park, the organizers are promising something different that’s worth looking forward to.

For the past couple of weeks, the streets have been a washed by a new wave of cultural festivities of different tribal groups and Duhuze Fest presents an opportunity for youth from across different cultures to meet, interact, network, and generally celebrate their heritage in the most fun way possible.

From what I have heard, Duhuze Fest is not meant to be an ordinary initiative as the plan is much bigger than just a fun gathering. With the second edition, comes a new element where service providers and exhibitors are encouraged to make good use of the platform to market their products and services. This, therefore, means that this edition is set out to not only tap into the uniqueness of a young passion and energy of youth but through exquisite event experiences and other experiences yet to be unearthed.

Duhuze Fest is meant to provide a platform for more than just artists but also for entrepreneurs to promote themselves while they celebrate the uniqueness of their heritage.

So if you’re wondering what to expect, there is only one way to find out, come through for this second edition as there’s a lot that has to be witnessed.

Tickets to the event are on sale and will also be available at the gate at shs 20,000 for a general ticket allowing solo entry, shs 50,000 for a Vibes Squad ticket allowing entry of three persons, and shs 80,000 for the Duhuze Squad ticket allowing entry of five persons.

This fee covers the entrance charge, entertainment, and the various activities that will be available to encourage interaction, connecting, and networking.

Come let’s connect