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Singer Naira Ali To Introduce Hubby

The tip-tap sounds of wedding shoe clicks are the dreams of every single woman. Promise her you are going to put a ring on her finger, she will give you all the hidden treasures, as long as she finds out that you are serious.

Well, Naira Ali seems to be swimming from a deep pool of love. A few days ago, the “sikyalinda” singer took to her social media handles informing her fans on of how she was going to introduce her lover after the struggle.

“Struggle olugwa bwe pwa..nga nyanjula omwana ono # New Love,” she wrote.

She teased her fans with a picture of her and the person he said she would introduce but did not show them his face. This drew attention from some of her fans who thought that the guy resembled Boyfriend, the “tolembesa ngalo” singer from the sane record label Purple Chord. This anticipation comes from the way Naira has been posting him on her handles as though something was going on.

However, she clarified to us that it is Not Boyfriend but rather another person that she is yet to unveil.

“Hehehehe!! That’s not Boyfriend. He is another man, I will tell you at the right time…,” she said.

It is not clear who the guy is but should it turn out to be like that of Nina Rose and Daddy Andre, it will definitely be a power couple.

With the message in her “sikyalinda”, it is clear that its only the struggle that is blurring the introduction and any time, they are yet to have those entertaining bed sessions. Another song from her, “yo body” seems to tell us that the “fruits” have already been eaten. We pray she does not get that disappointment that Straka Beibe got. We wish her luck.