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GOOD SEASON! Ugandan Blogger Keem Fame Rich Hits 1m Followers On Instagram

Keem Fame Rich

Ugandan blogger Keem Fame Rich has set a Ugandan record by being the first Ugandan Blogger to hit one million Instagram followers.

He broke the exciting news of the new milestone with a searing photo on Monday morning captioned; “1M followers. Whole new level. Thank y’all for the love.

People have talked enough of the many young professionals in varied industries of the world. The digital world, too, has been producing some great people
As a young digitalpreneur, Keem Fame Rich has aced every aspect of digital marketing and PR.

This indeed comes as a great sign as people today are aware that different industries and sectors can thrive off of the astute skills and talents of these youngsters. Hence, more and more companies are also employing youngsters for taking their firms to the next level. On the other hand, more and more youngsters are stepping foot into the entrepreneurial world to be a part of the digital space and create something unique. Keem fame rich has been doing exactly that and has now become a sought-after digital marketing entrepreneur of the industry.

For starters, Kajoba Hakim the real names of Keem fame was born on 16 January 1999 in Kampala. He is the CEO of Uganda a digital marketing and Public Relations company in Uganda which he founded in 2015. Не ѕtudіеd digital marketing and website designing from Makerere business school and а minor dеgrеe іn computer technology from Dubai IT school. He’s also the founder of Keem kids Foundation a non-profit organization in Uganda

Keem fame rich as he’s known in the showbiz world, has risen to much fame with his company which today shines bright in the digital space of Dubai Uk and Africa ,Creating his journey from Uganda to Dubai was no walk in the park for him. Still, thriving off of his strong mental attitude, confidence and his hunger to make it huge in the digital marketing space kept him moving ahead on his path, which ultimately took him to Dubai, where today he and his firm are trusted by a mammoth of clients.

Talking about, Keem Fame Rich emphasizes that they have gained expertise in a variety of digital services for a variety of clients all around the world with a unique set of services and solutions for them. They have already aced the game of SEO, website creation and Ads apart from a long list of other robust digital services., Dubai and Uganda by Keem Fame Rich has become a digital marketing agency that is sought-after by many people and brands from across industries and fields, which proves the kind of success the young entrepreneur has also gained.

Keem Fame Rich says taking brands and businesses to the next level was something he had dreamed of early in his career but had no idea that someday he would be able to fulfil this vision, along with the number of passionate professionals who work with him, magnifying the visions of Keemfamesmm, which is to make people’s virtual dreams a reality.

Other Ugandan celebrities with this milestone include, Zari Hassan, Lydia Jazmine, Spice Diana, Sheebah Karungi and Doreen Kabareebe.

You can kindly follow his Instagram @Keemfamerich