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Ghanaian Musician Wakayna Releases Acoustic Video For His Anadwo single Featuring Joshua Moszi


Ghanaian musician Wakayna officially releases an acoustic visuals version of his hit single dubbed “Anadwo” in Accra on Friday 10th June 2022.

His “Anadwo” single which has been making waves, acoustic video was worked on by the finest people in the music Industry. It featured Grammy Award winning instrumentalist Joshua Moszi and directed by Director Mudah.

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As a musician who knows how to hit the nail on the head Wakayna did not disappoint his fans as the environment of the video portrays the lyrics and sense from the song “Anadwo”. Fans who also expected a real time, current and direct affront to the current love life in the bedroom are amazed as he took it to the next level.

The lyrics ‘mene wo miEnu’ call me the Holy Bahd Guy blended with the guitar makes the video an eye saw. If you have ever listened to the song and imagining how an acoustic video version of it will look like, the video is on YouTube on the link below:

Stream it here: