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From Hip Hop To Amapiano, Cassper Nyovest Explains Why He Switched Genres

Cassper Nyovest ( Photo Credit : Muisc In Africa)

Over the past few months, South African musician Cassper Nyovest has made headlines in the country following his decision to switch from Hip-hop to Amapiano.

Nyovest broke into the music scene and earned a huge fan base with hip-hop until 2021 when he followed his guts and released ‘Siyanthandana’ featuring Abidoza and Boohle.

Many of his fans wondered why he made the shift yet he was a top-rated Mzansi hip-hop artist.

Explaining the switch,  Nyovest said with Amapiano, there is no ‘gatekeeper’ unlike with hip-hop where he felt that the genre was under control by certain forces.

“The one thing I love about Amapiano is that there are no gatekeepers. Ha gona bosso (there is no boss). It’s either your song is hot or it’s not,” he said as quoted by ZAlebs.

“There is nothing I hate like being controlled and being a celebrity is one of the most demanding things one can ever be. People expect you to be sooo perfect. Even if you are prefect they still break you apart. I still struggle with that concept cause I just wanna be myself fully,” he added.

The star singer is currently on an Amapiano tour to Ghana and Dubai as he popularizes his new trade in the genre.