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Fans blastes Mayinja as he bites his tongue again

The recent broad day light opposition singer now turned around incumbent government support Ronald Mayinja has vowed to support President Museveni implying that he is the only man with the potential to lead Uganda.

” I am for Museveni in 2021. He has done a lot of things for our nation. I will vote for him until 2040. He’s got the vision of the country. He is the only man who can lead Uganda to prosperity an md transform and transform the lives of the citizens. Not these hooligans and ganja people who do not have knowledge about leadership. NUP just makes noise and killing innocent people…, He wrote on his socail media handle.

Recently, Ronald Mayinja went to NUP headquarters in Kamwokya and apologised to the Party leaders for changing the camp and vowed not to support NRM again which won him the Party caed. However, yesterday he eleased a campaign song for Museveni titled ‘Muzeeyi Akalulu kako’

In his released song, Mayinja sings that President Museveni is the best president he has ever seen in Uganda and believes that he is a gift from God to Ugandans.

“Museveni you have done everything for Ugandans and this term my vote is yours. Museveni you’re better than all the presidents that have ruled Uganda, you have built hospital, roads and many others. You’re really blessed and we love you,” states the song.

Angry fans and political supporters as well rushed to Mayinja’s socail media handle where he had posted and then started cold war in the comments with him.

” They knew you before you knew and that’s why they gave a biggest beret. And by the way, can’t you support your Mzeei without talking about NUP?. Water doesn’t forget where it came from. Leave in peace and live with it otherwise you may never have it.

Remember Sente yekibi…”. Tumwikirize Enock commented.

” Is NUP the only opposition party in Uganda y everyone who disagrees with NUP opts to NRM shame upon you. Hon Kyagulanyi is God sent even Jesus has Juda sa a desciple.” Ndugga Timothy wrote.

“Mayinja your a betrayer and time just came and we knew you earlier, you’re and person and you don’t even feel shy to turn around like that. This because you were give money from your own interests. I am so angry with mbwa ggwe”. Mayanja Dickson commented with angry emotions.

The comments on Mayinja’s socail media handle won him a un welcoming reply to his fans

” Every one has untold stories of pain and sadness that make them love and live a little differently than you do. Stop judging, instead try to understand.” Mayinja replied to commenters.

By Sajjabi Sadati.