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Diamond Platnumz’s Mother, Sanura, Dismisses Pregnancy Rumours

A few years ago, Sandra Sanura Kassim, the mother to Tanzanian star, Diamond Platnumz, got married again to a young businessman. A few days ago, rumours from Tanzania spread that Sanura had got pregnant and was yet to bring another sibling to Diamond Platnumz.

A few days ago, Sanura, also known as Maama Dangote, clarified on the rumours saying that she is not pregnant as news sources have written. She cited that she can not breastfeed at her age and therefore she wanted to enjoy her life.

“Look at me, do you see the pregnancy? What would I be looking for by getting pregnant at my age? It is my time to enjoy life like a youth. Why would I start breastfeeding again? Wouldn’t it be fatal if I got pregnant at my age?” she said.

Like her son, Sanura is reported to have had several relationships, with young men to help her warm her bed and scratch her itch.