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Crysto Panda shares heartfelt message concerning his fallen baby at own birthday 

Singer, TV presenter and emcee, Herbert Kityamuweesi a.k.a Crysto Panda has expressed what he feels for his fallen baby with whom he shares birthday. 

Posting on his social media handles, the singer wrote that she felt like crying for the passing away of his baby and at the same time felt happy for having been born on the same day with the baby. He wrote that his baby was a blessing to him despite of her leaving. 

He asked the fallen the baby’s soul to send greetings to his late mother and father who he misses.

“Happy birthday to me and my late baby Aylin.
I must admit this will forever be the worst and best day of my life. Because I am sad, crying and happy at the same time. 
Continue Resting in peace my Girl and me sharing a birthday with you was and will Forever be a blessing because you yourself you came as a blessing in my life but too bad you left soooooooo soon.
You could be making one year now with me adding another year too. You just don’t know how excited I was when your auntie Tafle texted me about your being born, best moment of my life, I will never forget that moment anyway, God took you from us but we miss you so much, say hi to my mum and dad, tell em I miss em too,” he wrote.

He also thanked his baby mama for being such a strong woman and turning him into a hard-working man. On top of this, he sent a thanks note to his in-laws too for having taken care of the baby in his absence.

“Thank you Siham for giving birth to our beautiful daughter on the same day like me. I am forever grateful for your strength. I will always love you both coz you both changed my life from a boy to a man, from a man to a hard-working father. Thank you to my in-laws for being there for my daughter when I wasn’t able to be with her,” he added.

The ‘kyolina omanya’ singer also thanked all those that have help his hand in her career. He pointed out his supporters, brands that endorsed him, producers, promoters and the media house he works for.