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Bebe Cool Sings For “Boss Lady” In The New Song [WATCH]

Ugandan’s undoubted music giant, Bebe Cool has released a new Afro dancehall single titled Boss Lady.

Boss Lady is continued proof that gagamel boss, Bebe Cool, knows how to evolve and keep in touch with majority music fans; The Youth.

The song has Afro-dancehall beats that will linger in the minds of the youth leaving disc jockeys with no choice but to play the massive tune.

It’s energetic Bebe Cool at his best. As we’ve known him. And fans will certainly know what this means.

In the song, the musician romantically pours his heart out to a woman of his dreams whom he praises and refers to as the boss.

“Ladies of today are bosses because they want to spend like men and some men prefer calling thier lovers bosses as it satisfies and helps in building self esteem in the females,” the singer tells us.

He goes ahead to refer to his lover as ‘baby sweet darling’ and asks her to Anoint him with her loving.

Bebe Cool further assures the girl in question that he will always protect and provide for her at all times.

The vibe and urbanesque nature of this jam with the underlying high-life groove will without a doubt grab the listener’s attention.

The song has a high-budget crisp video that we’ve come to expect from the Gagamel International boss. It features some of the best-choreographed dance moves by top Ugandan dancers.

The song written by Ronnie On Dis, was produced at Gagamel Studio by Vad Beats while the video is Elly Workz at Gagamel Films.

Watch Boss Lady here