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WATCH: Pallaso Shares A Simple Romantic ‘Malamu’ Music Video

Team Good Music boss Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso, has finally blessed his fans with the official music video to his love ballad “Malamu”.

Produced by Nessim, ‘Malamu’ came out earlier in August and it has been trending everywhere. Most social media users have used it for tik tok challenges, the new trend that people have involved themselves in during this time of pandemics. Listening to the lovey-dovey track, Pallaso surrenders all his heart and life to his lover.

In his flawless sweet melody lyrics, pallaso goes on to assure his better half how his love and romantic life all belongs to her whereas asking for repeat for every enticing act in their romance.

The visual that was mainly shot in a neon-lit room, captures a simple romantic getaway as pallaso and his love is seen cuddling up while he performs his adoring lyrics to her, “gwe baby malamu malamu malamu bakwongere endala”. Directed by Pest ( Gratemake films), it also features Jose Chameleon and Weasel.

Take a look