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Tomdee Ug Drops Official Music Video for his Latest Hit ‘Banga’ [WATCH]

Uganda has been buzzing with excitement as popular TikToker and singer, TomDee Uganda, finally released the official music video to his hit song “Banga“.

TomDee Ug has quickly become a household name in in the industry, thanks to his infectious music style that draws inspiration from the country’s new sound, bubble gum music, a style believed to have been introduced by the most trending artist AlienSkin.

His rise to stardom can be attributed to his hit song “Wantama”, which topped and is still topping official music charts in the Ugandan music space. The song has endeared him to many fans who have fallen in love with his unique blend of Afro-pop and bubble gum vibes. His discography includes other popular songs such as “Twetwasoma”, “Omanyi”, and “Ekyaama”.

To cement his position as one of Uganda’s most popular and sought-after artists, he dropped Banga as produced by Challenger Pro. The song is a synchronized masterpiece that showcases his infectious and humorous approach to music – Its an upbeat, boppy tune that is sure to get listeners in the mood to dance.

TomDee fused Afro-pop and bubble gum vibes to create an atmosphere of partying that would keep listeners on their feet.

The music video directed by Patrick Miles, is an excellently interpreted visual representation of the song’s mood. Adorned with plus-sized vixens, the video displays a nightclub setup with party animals uncontrollably dropping their legs on the dance floor. The video is a perfect depiction of the mood that the song aims to create.

Take a look at the video here