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“Take Me Off The Hook,” Irene Ntale Cries To Men

Women that have made their money seem to have one common virus, “unstable relationships”. It is rare to find a settled lady who has money and fame. Very few have managed to get antidotes to this virus.

Seeking guidance from someone who has faced the same problem as you is like consulting a night dancer on how to quit the habit.

Well, it seems that Irene Ntale’s itch is not letting her have peace. She must be having sleepless nights these days, following her recent social media posts. A few days ago, the singer posted asking why no one was approaching her despite her stunning beauty. She asked Sheilah Gashumba to advise her on what to do.

“Please please, a beautiful lady like me single!! ah ah! What could be the problem, @SheilahGashumba come here!!”

Sheilah Gashumba knows one language,”money”. You can not find her talking without including dime in her speech, and this is why her father calls her hard worker.

Replying Ntale, Sheilah, who is also nursing wounds from a failed relationship could not give her a better solution but to remind her that as much as money swings to them, men have failed to.

“Money is our soulmate baby@Irenentale. Money can locate us but men can’t.”

If you want to know how burning Ntale’s itch has been, visit her social media pages, you will see how she has always pleaded for the scratch.

In one recent tweet, she praised baganda men, calling them the best compared to all other tribes. She must have fallen in love with one or else she is still thinking about that one night stand from one muganda man. She forgets that many of them joined SMAU.

“But you can argue with your ancestors! Baganda men are the best! Even my westerner girls can confirm.” She wrote.

In another tweet, she draws a line  between those to “nyam nyam” and those to be far away. The “nyam nyam” guys are the ones who send her money.

“You can shoot your shot all you want but person who dey send me money, I dey date. Now before you shoot me. I read that somewhere.” She tweeted.

Now that we know how she badly needs the scratching, let applications fall in like rain drops. Probably, YKee Benda and Bruno K must not be among the applicants, they are the legends of SMAU.