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Spice Diana Outs New Tune “Baatutadde” To Celebrate The End Of Lockdown In Uganda

Celebrated Ugandan artist Spice Diana has released a new song dubbed ‘Kiggula Luggi (Baatutade)’ celebrating the official end of the lockdown in Uganda.

Earlier this month, the President announced that events, bars and performances will re-open 2 weeks after schools opened, with the tentative date being 24th January 2022.

On 24th January 2022, Spice Diana felt that the best way to celebrate the country’s re-opening was by releasing the new song.

In the song, Spice Diana recalls the hard time Ugandans went through when the lockdown had just been imposed. She is glad to be alive and witness the end of the ‘no party season’. She vows to entertain her fans with great music in a moment referred to as ‘Disco Time’.

The dancehall song will bring out the jovial mood that will get you dancing. To make it more ‘Spicy’, Spice Diana puts together different video clips of her stage performances worldwide causing an exciting and thrilling feeling of getting back to the party life.

The audio was produced by Artin Pro who has also worked with top artists that include; King Saha, Mudra D Viral and One Blessing among others.

Listen to it here

( Written by Gloria )