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Rickman Rick And Eddy Kenzo Unleashed Their Much Anticipated Music Video,’ Enjoyment’

Talented Luga flow rapper, Rickman Rick, shares a fan base with award-winning and globally recognized artist Eddy Kenzo as they teamed up on a new song thrilled ‘Enjoyment‘.

The feel-good song where two artists talk about party life as they call upon everyone to do their best and ‘chop life’, was recorded earlier in 2020 according to Rickman Rick.

“In January 2020, I received a call from Eddy Kenzo at 7 am telling me to meet him at his studio by 8 am. I had to travel back to Sweden the next day but Eddy Kenzo made sure we recorded the ‘Enjoyment’ track before I left” he asserted.

It’s an afro-pop fusion song with fascinating melody loops and party vibes that elevates the song more thus topping the waves – The song was produced by Kenzo’s official music producer, Asteyn.

Released 3 days ago, the party anthem song was accompanied by it’s official music video – The colorful music video with Neon feel, captures sights of partying and is indeed of huge potential and would definitely echo with music lovers.

The perfectly synchronized video with nothing but beautifully choreographed scenes, was perfectly directed and edited by Elly V mugisa – One of the young music video directors in the area

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