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Ngoni Makes a Triumphant Comeback with New Love Song ‘Light My Faya’ and Stunning Music Video

Ngoni, a music duo consisting of Aydee and Pato, who rose to fame decades ago with their records that left a lasting impact on the industry, is back with a beautiful romantic single. After relocating to the United States and taking a long music hiatus, the duo last surprised their fans in 2020 with a Christmas compilation that was well received by Ugandan music enthusiasts. This made it one of the most played albums during the Christmas festivities of that year.

In their latest release, Ngoni composed a beautiful love song titled “Light My Faya“, where they express their feelings for a beautiful women. Aydee’s opening verse beautifully describes his woman, while Pato showcases his good vocals on that would captivate us more. They both showcased their vocal abilities on this afro-inspired romantic single, proving that they still own a spot in the industry.

It’s a perfect addition to their discography and is sure to win the hearts of their fans once again -It serves as a testament to their ability to produce music that resonates with their fans. The song was released together with its official music videos to have it pushed to a wider audience.

The official music video features beautiful love scenes, including a scene where Aydee is seen painting a portrait of his beautiful woman as she sits in the clutch, and Pato crooning the beautiful message of love while sitting in a window. The video is visually stunning and captivating, making it a must-watch for fans.

Light my Faya is great indication that they are here to stay and make major moves in the future.

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