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Naira Ali’s Diction Leaves Fans Talking

Musicians are the kind of people that are rich in diction. You will think he is talking about this yet he is talking about you. They have the parables, idioms and proverbs. They use symbolism, vivid description and more stylistic approaches to reach out to their audiences.

Well, Naira Ali is one of those artists with a wide range of styles. You want that dancehall feel, she will feed you to the maximum. Talk about the RnB touch, she is a diva in there. And for Afro-beat, count her in. You will find her trying this and that in different styles and will leave you yapping.

A few weeks ago, the “shy gal” singer release her song called “yo body” which has turned on the industry despite the noise from the political sphere. The song has rocked places and many anticipate that if the pandemic had not hit the world, she would be counting dollars. What could be the drive in this song? I have been seeking for the knot in it and here I land on it. I did not know why ladies love singing it and getting off their seats to dance at its beats and rhythms.

“Yegwe weka alina permit, to touch my body,” is one of the lines in one of her verses. Many people have had this to the heart and ladies have made potbellied dons hand in car keys and others taken for vacation to prove their permission to the bodies.

After this, another line drops in, “kimanye yegwe atema ensulo.” With this, even a man whose trousers do not sense the presence of a woman will coil up in eruption. And who knows the literal meaning of such Luganda vocabularies? Its only the newly made “mugole” Nina Rose, now Daddy Andre’s wife, that can translate this. We hope Naira Ali herself comes out to explain what she meant by those words. A muganda enthusiast will just stand in bafflement just like I. Personally, my best from her is “Sikyalinda” which is also rich in lyrics. A mere listen at this melts my heart into submission that she is a pretty composer.

Asking some of her fans about the above words in her, “yo body,” a loud laughter was necessarily the answer.

Nisha in Kibuli said, ” hehehe omukazi Oyo bannange, I had not yet heard it well bannange, mbu ensulo…,”

Bright: “if my woman tells me that, just know I will cut more into the edges…, that girl sings for sure naye she is no longer on chat the way she was, oba kiki?…”

Zubula Ye’nansana : “Oyo omwana asaana ngule, I hear she went to Dubai, mbu kati kadaama. Ajje e’nansana nteme kunsulo awone okubo…,”

Zaitun Zaina: “her songs are very good by the way, when I heard this, I know it would make. Her problem is consistency. She is always on and off. Masala was my best from her, it is still good…,”

Mukisa Aaron : “hehehehehehe, guy, play that line again… Did she say ‘atema ensulo oba ateeba ansulo?’ This sounds like she meant something dirty. Gweeee, that’s the creativity that artists have indeed. Send the song to me bro….”

When things come to sending and downloading songs for free, that’s where Ugandans understand. They can never spend a penny to buy a single song on Amazon. Its a strong reason the music industry is limping.